Deck Coatings

At Rain Coast we specialize in urethane traffic coatings for decks. Urethane offers many advantages. Urethane applied as a liquid offers a seamless surface for your  deck surface. Urethane also offers a continuous bond to the deck surface and most importantly up walls or any other vertical surface. Urethane can be applied to concrete or wood deck surfaces. We can offer a long lasting coating for just about any new or existing decks

We also offer urethane membranes for below tile and other hard surface applications. This provides a tough yet flexible waterproof membrane that will last and resist membrane failure from deck surface movements.

Sheet or rolled Membranes

We also apply sheet or rolled membranes to various surfaces for various waterproofing applications.

Cementitious Sealers

Cementitious Sealers or cement based sealers are very effective for solving basement or below grade water problems from the inside and thus avoiding costly excavating and garden damage to expose foundation walls and overhead concrete slabs.

Wood Restoration

Along with water and weather related leaks to buildings comes the damage to wood trim, features and the structure of the building. We can solve your leaks quickly and repair the resulting damage.


A critical part of most buildings are the metal flashings and there correct installation.If installed incorrectly flashings will hold and direct water against the building instead of quickly shedding water away. Flashings can also be installed to protect wood  features.  Flashings can also be damaged or removed by strong winds  We fabricate and install all types of flashings.

Deck repairs and renewals

If your deck has gone beyond just recoating we can repair wood and concrete damage prior to recoating.We can repair and overcoat just about any deck surface.

Leak Detection

We have many years experience finding the source of leaks in all types of buildings. The experience of  solving hundreds of leaks allows us to save you time and money by starting in the right place.